Top 5 packages to use with ReactJs

Top 5 packages to use with ReactJs

Hi everyone, in this post, I'll tell you the top 5 react packages that can help you in your react learning journey and which every react developer must learn. Also, you can search for more amazing react packages that you can use in your project from npm

1. React Router Dom

react-router-dom package is used to implement dynamic routing in a react web application. It enables the navigation among different pages/views of various components in a react application without actually refreshing the browser page unlike the old ways to navigate a web page react-router.jpg

2. Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a style library to quickly design web applications by using its classes like flex, grid, px-4, items-center, justify-between, etc. It can reduce the web development work to a lot extent and it's very easy to use in react applications by adding the required classes of tailwindcss in className of your jsx tags. tailwindcss.png

3. Framer Motion

Framer Motion is a simple, easy-to-use animation library of reactjs. The best part of this package is that it uses a declarative syntax and can be for making simple as well as 3d animations in react applications. 1_QgsXma8PyrihUm0AHkEeSw.png

4. MUI

MUI or material-ui is a massive library of UI components that can be used to build React applications. It follows Google's guidelines for creating material components. It has many useful components such as Buttons, Checkbox, Menu, Bottom navigation, etc. You just include the package and use the components just like you make your custom components in react. 1_ZEUZtH8wL9vUDLrn5guwOQ.png

5. NextJS

NextJS is not completely a react package but it's a package built on top of react. With nextjs, you can build a production-ready react application with some extra features such as server-side rendering, and hybrid static and static site generation. It also comes with a built-in router which can be very helpful as learning only nextjs can eliminate learning other frameworks we learn in the MERN stack. 1200px-Nextjs-logo.svg.png


There are lots of other react packages out that can also help in your use case, and you can browse all of them on the npm website. You just need to include them and understand them how to use by checking their GitHub repo and you are good to go.

Thank you guys, keep coding, and keep learning! Swarnim